Fundraiser Blankets®

The Nation's #1 Fundraiser Blanket

Fundraiser Blankets® offer a unique and profitable fundraising opportunity for K-12 schools, sports teams, and community groups. These $12.50, custom logo, full-color blankets are provided by a veteran teacher's woman-owned small business and are printed here in the USA. Mascot spirit blankets are fun and useful as teacher gifts, for sports stadiums, boosters, and for cheer, football, and other groups!

Are you looking for an innovative new fundraiser that can be used to keep you, your favorite teachers, elementary, middle and high school students, sports or cheer teams, and friends warm on the sidelines, dry by the pool, and cozy in the stadium all while spreading school spirit? Fundraiser Blankets® offers high quality, customized, full color blankets and towels without the hassle. Simply fill out our form, send us your logo and we'll guide you through the rest!

Plus, we have no set up fees, no surprise charges and send you a free sample print while we customize your order!

Army Veteran
Former Teacher


We value education. As a former educator (Joanna) and disabled woman combat veteran (Barbara), co-founders of Learning Blankets®, knew we wanted to offer schools, sports teams and community organizations an affordable opportunity to raise funds for programs important to them with high profit margins. With Fundraiser Blankets®, you can earn money for your group or team easily because everyone loves a warm keepsake that spreads school spirit. Fundraiser Blankets®, powered by Birdy Boutique, are our way to give back to communities nationwide and help fund the programs our youth deserve and need through fundraising. This custom spirited high profit way for schools to raise money that is fair and equitable envisions a world where fundraising isn't about unhealthy treats or broken trinkets but instead about creating lasting memories, huddled under a cozy blanket, wrapped in school spirit. It’s something families cherish, not only for warmth but for memories. Zero calories, allergy friendly, and something the community values without compromise.

Educationally Yours,


Barbara Kent, CEO
Joanna Serra, COO

A blue, red, and white tie dye blanket with a blue red and white tiger in the middle looking straight on with sunglasses on.  Above and below the tiger are the words "Fundraiser Blankets"

Our Custom Blankets

Our custom blankets, now available proudly printed in the USA, have been designed from the ground up to be soft, durable, and bursting with colors. Our blankets have helped over 3,000 schools nationally fundraise in 2023 with their own custom, useful and eye-catching blankets as opposed to overpriced unhealthy foods or cheap plastic trinkets. We also help sports teams, shelters, churches and non-profits to create their own branded blankets which helps to not only raise funds but generate community pride and raise awareness for important local causes.

  • 100% Softest Plush Polyester
  • 50"x60" Large (1.3 lbs) $12.50
  • 60"x70" Extra Large (1.7lbs) $15
  • Unlimited Colors, Full Area Printing
  • 300 GSM, Hemmed, Individually Wrapped
  • Free Designs, Free Sample, Free Shipping
  • Complimentary Customized Digital Kit
  • NO Hidden or Extra Fees
  • Pre Sales or Bulk Order
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees
  • Free Shipping Included
  • Rush Delivery Available in Under 2 Weeks
  • Printed in the USA (Michigan)

Fundraiser Beach & Rally Towels

by Fundraiser Blankets®

How We're Different was founded by a former teacher who values high returns on fundraising and that can simply be sold to anyone. We give back to our community and allow you to raise money for your organization, club, team or school at wholesale bulk costs so that your group earns the funds necessary to provide our youth what they need.

  • The Original $12.50 All Inclusive Blanket
  • Founded by Two Moms, we care!
  • Fair Quality Pricing
  • Proudly Printed in the USA (now available!)
  • Fully Customizable, Free Designs and Edits
  • Full Print Area (goodbye tiny corner logo!)
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Easy to Order and Sell
  • 2 Size Options
  • No Hidden Fees or Set Up Charges
  • Free Shipping
  • 2 Week Rush Available
  • Always Available to Help
  • Adding New Products Soon

The Typical Process

Graphic Set up
Graphic Approval
Purchase Order
Pre-Sale Optional
Ship Out
Start Selling

Facts & Questions

Welcome to our Facts & Questions section! We understand that the fundraising and custom printing process may seem overwhelming so we’ve made sure to build our process from the ground up to be easy for anyone. This FAQ is here to help you find the information you need quickly. If you can't find what you're looking for, simply shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

What is the minimum order amount?


The minimum order is 75 blankets per design so that we can offer your group this low pricing. They will sell fast! If you are not sure how many to order, you can start with pre-sales and order extras to have on hand for events, or, order a specific amount and sell on hand. Please note, most schools and sports teams reorder immediately. If you absolutely cannot meet our fundraising blanket minimum, email us to hear about lower quantity options.

Do we have to be a school to order?


No. We love helping K-12 elementary, junior/middle and high schools but gladly also provide blankets for sports teams including football, baseball, cheer, lacrosse, hockey, gymnastics, dance, stadium, boosters, bands, troops, clubs, churches, shelters, and other organizations.

How much are the blankets?


The 50"x60" blankets are all inclusively priced at $12.50 and the 60"x70" blankets are all inclusively priced at $15. No, they are not any design, set up, or other fees. None!

What is the quality of the blanket?


Our fundraising blankets are 300GSM 100% polyester soft minky plush. This is a thick plush throw blanket that we also use to sell to retailers such as Meijer and Walgreens, so rest assured that our quality standards are very high. We have generic samples to send you so you can feel the difference, just complete the form on this page.

Do we need artwork?


No. You can provide what you have and we can work with it if the resolution is high enough. Otherwise, we will work with you on a vision and design. Please note, we do not do any logo approvals and will assume that all artwork emailed to us allows us printing permission on the school fundraising blankets.

Are these blankets refundable?


Due to the custom work investment, once the design is approved and sent to print, no refunds are given. Fundraiser Blankets® are a way for our company to give back to the community by offering a high profit opportunity for your organization, not ours. Therefore, once ordered, the sale is final.

What amount do we sell the blankets for?


That is completely up to your organization! Selling the wholesale $12.50 blankets at $25 to $35 MSRP is the most popular option. However, if you feel you would like to charge less or more to reach your goals, that would work too.

We recommend setting your fundraising goal amount and using the charts below to determine the price you will charge.

What are the size options for the blankets?


Our blankets come in two generous sizes to cater to your comfort needs. The Large blanket measures 50" x 60", perfect for cozying up on the couch or adding warmth to your bed. The Extra Large blanket, at 60" x 70", offers even more space and coziness.

For reference, a typical full size bed is around 54"x75" and both sizes fit nicely!

How much does shipping cost?


Shipping is included in the all inclusive price!

Our Past Work

Client Testimonials

"Fundraiser Blankets was one of the easiest and financially beneficial fundraisers we have ever done. The blankets were of great quality, extremely popular, easy to sell and completely customizable. We used our school logo and we had our parent volunteers do all the selling. We were even able to set our price point based on our community and specific school population. I highly recommend Fundraiser Blankets for any organization looking for a fundraiser!"

Roger Bennet, Principal

"As a parent who has done her fair share of school and sports fundraisers over the years. we were thrilled to have a fundraiser selling something that people actually wanted. The low cost and high profit margins were a bonus!"

Lauren Scroi, PTO Parent

"When a neighboring school was selling fundraiser blankets at a sports event and the stadium radiated with them, we knew we wanted to spread the same school spirit for our organization. The process was simple and quick."

Brittany Harvey, Parent & Business Owner

"We are absolutely in love with our "Falcon" blankets. The entire process was easy and fast. The blankets are so beautiful and soft. Thank you Fundraiser Blankets for making our football and cheer season extra special."

Ashley McNeil

"Birdy Boutique is absolutely amazing! They are extremely responsive and easy to work with. Our blankets came out amazing and we cannot keep them in stock. We will have to place another order soon. They are extra large and soft, the quality is more than I could have hoped for."

Fort Belvoir PTO

"Our blankets we received are amazing! They are so soft, and a great size and quality. Within hours we have sold so many. I will definitel be recommending to friends. I also love supporting another teacher!"

Randi Brinson

"This company is great to work with, the quality of the blankets is fantastic -bright/vibrant colors, super soft, and they wash well. Our school sold out of our first order the first day! I cannot recommend this company enough for fundraisers!"

Katie Chestnut

"Joanna & Barbara were pleasant and professional to work with. Our athletic department ordered 100 blankets and the turnaround time was super quick. Fundraiser Blankets are an exceptional and meaningful option for fundraising!"

Shatara Parker

"This is a great fundraiser!!!! We have had great feedback from everyone that has bought one. They are super soft. They send you different designs and it is hard to choose they all look great!! Yes we will reorder for the fall season."

Tammy Cupples

"We worked with Birdy Boutique for our Non-Profit fundraiser and it was amazing. Truly one of the easiest fundraisers we've EVER done! The process was flawless from start to finish and quality of blankets were fantastic."

Jessica Lowe

About Us

Fundraiser Blankets® was founded by sister duo disabled combat veteran Barbara Jozwik Kent and award winning teacher Joanna Jozwik Serra, who design and produce education focused textile products. They, like many moms, were frustrated with the lack of quality, healthy, non-consumable fundraising options that families could value at a fair price. Their parent company, Birdy Boutique, was started when their careers ended but knew they wanted to keep education in the forefront, since education is what saved them upon immigrating. Between them, they have 5 children and are extremely active in their school and military communities through various charitable ways. Through hard work and determination, they are committed to revolutionizing school and sports fundraising nationwide because just one experience can change a child’s trajectory forever.